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If you would like to submit your cave telescopes images here, please use the "contact" button at the bottom of the page to email submissions. Please submit only images you own. I require contributors to be credited for their work. Please include name (optional) model (if you know) year, mirror number, city, state, and any history you can provide.

ASTROLA Richest Field TELESCOPES 6" f/4

Astrola Richest field 6" F/4, 1973-4 Cave Catalog

ASTROLA Richest Field TELESCOPES 8" f/4.5

Astrola Richest field 8" f4.5, 1973-4 Cave Catalog

David A. Rodger, Astrola Richest field 8" f4.5, 1973, M - 737967 - 36" F.L. - Jan - 1973

ASTROLA Richest Field TELESCOPES 10" f/5

ASTROLA 6" F/8 Student

ASTROLA 6" F/8 Student Standard "A" model

ASTROLA 6" F/8 Student Deluxe "A" model

8" F/6 or F/7 ASTROLA Lightweight Deluxe Model "B"
Stacks Image 2001

Cave 8” F/6 Lightweight Deluxe, M-773213,December 15th, 1977 , Gerald Elkin, Boonsboro,MD

Cave 8” F/6 Lightweight Deluxe, M704932, 1/1970 (no day), Jon Miles, North Carolina

8" F/7 or F/7 ASTROLA Standard Model "B"

8" F/6, F/7 or F/8 ASTROLA Deluxe Model "B"

Cave 8” F/8 Model B Deluxe, M740026, 12/7/1974, Jon Miles, North Carolina

10" Model "C" Portable Deluxe F/6, F/7 or F/8

“Pinky” by Tom Terleski
Pinky’s full restoration can be found on Cloudy Nights.
Here is the link:

10" Model "C" Standard Astrola F/5, F/6, F/7

1959 10” F/5 Cave with original speckled paint job on the pier/mount. Steve Gorton

10" Model "C" Custom Super Deluxe f/6

10" F/6 Custom Super Deluxe, Jon Miles, 1971,M716851,North Carolina,

10" F/6 Custom Super Deluxe, Tom Terleski, 1975,M750223-F/6 60 3/4 FL ,Canfield, Ohio

10" Cave-Astrola Observatory

12.5" Cave-Astrola Model D F/6 - f/7 Transportable

12.5 Model D F/7 Transportable 1970

12.5 Model D F/6 Transportable #793839; 75 1/8" f/l; March 27th, 1979
restored by John Higbee

12.5 Model D F/7 Transportable 1973-74

12.5" Cave-Astrola Model D f/8 Observatory

12.5 " Cave Astrola Observatory F/8 1973-74

8" Astrola Cassegrain

8" Astrola Cassegrain

Stacks Image 1960

Nov. 1st 1973 Cave Cassegrain 8" f/16, Steve Pastor, Mayhill, New Mexico

10" Astrola Cassegrain

10" Astrola Cassegrain

1971 10" Astrola Cassegrain Tom Terleski "After" restoration, Canfield, Ohio

1971 10" Astrola Cassegrain Tom Terleski "before" restoration, Canfield, Ohio

12" Astrola Cassegrain

16" Astrola Observatory Cassegrain

18" Astrola Cassegrain

18" Astrola Observatory Reflector

John  Monforte at work on the scope

18" Observatory reflector. The telescope I rebuilt was the one pictured on your site as the 18" Observatory reflector. It was built for Henry Gibson of Palm Beach FL. I had the mirror ground for a shorter focal length and put a hole in the middle of it and the mount. This way it can be used as a wide field Newtonian or a Cassegrain. I also added encoders for a computer running the Sky software. It is still at the U of Miami, but the Observatory was moved to another building and I don't know what condition it is in.

I spoke to Cave at one point during the work, to find out what I could about it. He was not very happy to talk to me, but I did find out it was the one in the ad and the only one like it.

John  Monforte

6" Cave Refractor

6" Cave Refractor 1976 , F/16, "Bill" , in the "Northwest"
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